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On any given night, you can expect to hear a wide range of music radiate from our turntables, we love everything from Jazz, Classic Country, Indie Rock to Hip Hop and Electro Swing.  We love both old and new recordings, we love it all.  We share our favorite music with you and hopefully you'll do the same.  Here's a link to a huge Spotify playlist we're constantly updating - SPOTIFY  


Founded in October of 2016, OVT was first conceived as a 'DJ Night' at the Denver Bicycle Cafe Beer Hall that quickly grew into interactive performances that encourage patrons to bring their records so they could be shared with everyone at the bar.  This evolution drove On Vinyl Tonight to become a consortium of music and art lovers who have a mania for handling vinyl - somewhat of a book club, but for music.

Bring Your Vinyl Records To Our Shows

That's right, we encourage you to bring your favorite records to our shows, we'll mix them into our set. We are open to your opinions, we want to explore this musical landscape with you and be introduced to your favorite songs so that we may grow to love them too.


Or ...


You can dig through our crates

We lay out numerous bins and boxes of LP"s for you and your friends to pick through, think of it like a juke box without the slot for quarters and dollar bills.  We usually have some records available for sale, or even swap.

Bring your records


or dig through our bins

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