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With On Vinyl Tonight, you're working with experienced entertainment professionals who are committed to cultivating your dreams into tangible, magical moments that can be cherished forever. 

On your big day, we will commit ourselves to remaining humble and accept with honor and privilege the opportunity to stand side by side with your loved ones as we take witness of your amazing moment.  Your wedding is all about you and that's how we intend to keep it. 

Let's take a more detailed look at why we might be the right fit for your wedding celebration.

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Seeking to learn more about entertainment,  David picked up a degree in Radio and TV production with a minor in creative writing, all great things if you're looking to one day help coordinate wedding like events.  At SIU-Carbondale, David volunteered for NPR and the campus radio station, getting experience working as a sound board operator and host. 

Upon graduation, he landed in Chicago and began work at boutique media agency selling national radio airtime to advertising agencies. Additional creative opportunities sharpened his production skills and even landed him on the very Chicago-centric CAN-TV, where David was able to co-produce Christmas and other 'Holiday Spectaculars' that shot live in the studio with some previously taped footage mixed in. Who wouldn't love bringing Santa, dancing ladies and cute little dogs to living room TV's?  

In 2015, David moved out to Colorado to be closer to his wife's family and get in tune with nature.  A new job was needed and he found himself selling craft beer up and down the Front Range for a mountain town brewery.  This opportunity  landed him in nearly every bar and restaurant in the state, opening the door for him to mix beer and music events.  First conceived as a 'DJ Night' at the Denver Bicycle Cafe Beer Hall in Denver, OVT quickly grew into interactive performance that encouraged patrons to bring their records so they could share in the fun.

David, our founder, was first drawn into show business back in kindergarten where he performed an off the cuff tap dance in clunking hiking boots on a hollow stage.  What a sight!  The parents laughs, their smiles and understanding warm applause were very rewarding and drove him to sing and dance his way from k-12, high school and even on to university.


Always leading by example, David's father was volunteering for organizations like the local Civil Defence and the United Way, even leading his hometown's Independence Day celebration parade for twenty five years. 



for dance choreography


An amazing place to learn and appreciate a real work ethic,  David was lucky enough to land a job with the Chicago Bears Football Club as a ballboy.

Tell us about yourself &

what you're looking for

Look forward to talking with you!


Our standard wedding packages range from $500 to $2,000 depending on what you need.  We can simply spin a quick DJ set on vinyl or take a more active roll helping to produce your ceremony and party, as well as help coordinate other vendors and venue relations.  If your desire is for something bigger/better, OVT can help facilitate production equipment rentals like lighting and scenic backdrops, as well as provide day of staffing.  Contact us to get this party started!

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